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The Power of Words

We promised it would never happen to us. That we’d lose our words, our voice, our passion to write. That we’d abandon our blogs and books that were well into their becoming…READ THE ENTIRE POST… Advertisements

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The Ebb and Flow of Artistic Ambition

Every creative experiences the ebb and flow of artistic ambition. Whatever your creative expression is, you feel the phenomenon. One day you’ve got it—enthusiasm bubbles over and your art form flows. Then the unexpected happens. The desire, chutzpah, passion, or … Continue reading

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Does Painting Cause Wordlessness?

I’ve noticed an interesting change in my creative composition. The more I become enamored with acrylic painting, and want to paint, the less words I have to write. It’s the oddest thing because I’ve never been at a loss for … Continue reading

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The Fallow Ground of Creativity

Have you ever noticed that dry times tend to follow a creative project? I know I have. I can be on such an artistic roll painting or writing or songwriting, and then I finish the piece and my creativity comes … Continue reading

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