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The Great Affair

The Great Affair honors this wonderful journey we call life. READ ENTIRE POST… Advertisements

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Time for Change

Is change a decision we can control or an invitation to ride the wild, untamed? Or both? I’ve been trying to wrap my head around change—what part is God-initiated and what part is human choice. There’s something deep inside that … Continue reading

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Have you every felt like a lonely traveler on a sojourn through life—always searching yet never finding what will once and for all fill that empty ache in your heart? I sure have. Oh I’ve enjoyed moments, days, and even … Continue reading

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A Wedding Celebration

My heart bursts with joy over the recent marriage of my son, Josiah, to his exquisite fiancé, Monique. A wedding is one of those monumental events that provide an opportunity to exit the rush of living so you can celebrate … Continue reading

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Forest Adventure: Mask Portrait in Process

Forest Adventure is my recent portrait painting in process. Lately, I’ve been on a roll with portrait painting, so I decided to use one of my photographs as the inspiration for this new painting. My daughter, Elya, painted this mask and is … Continue reading

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Life Choices That Will Rock Your World

Recently, several people have rocked my inner world with their life-changing choices. This was definitely needed because lately I’ve been muddling my way through moments, responding from the gut, doing just enough to get by, and then resuming my coach-potato … Continue reading

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My Little Mermaid

I have a daughter who I’m convinced is part mermaid. She loves to paint mermaids and to dive into the sea of adventure… Her recent deep-sea dip took her to Phuket Thailand, where she teaches English. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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