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This is family. This is church.

In a lower-income neighborhood by the school where I teach is “The Neighborhood Impact House.” A local church* provides a cozy family environment with homework help, arts and crafts, music lessons, sports activities, a community garden, and a kid-friendly bible study. … Continue reading

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Barbie, Me, and Tenacity

There are times in my life when I do not think I can go on any further. During these dark seasons of doubt, I need voices of insistence to light the way. My best friend, Barbie, is one of the people who coaches me through those long tunnels of … Continue reading

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47 Loneliness

“Loneliness,” there it was—ironically listed all by itself on my stats page as a key word someone used to search for blog posts. His or her search led them to my blog. I wondered who this person was and what longing they had … Continue reading

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42 The Women in my Family

There is a happy place I go when I am with the women in my family. They are the roses and daisies of my life’s garden. They bring me love and sunny thoughts.  So today’s blog post pays tribute to these wonderful women who fill my … Continue reading

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