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Nursery Magic: When Being is Enough

A stillness blankets the nursery while I rock baby to sleep. The sliding rocker glides back and forth as she nestles sweetly in my arms, her tiny hand fingering folds of flannel. In this moment, we don’t have to be anyone … Continue reading

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The Fallow Ground of Creativity

Have you ever noticed that dry times tend to follow a creative project? I know I have. I can be on such an artistic roll painting or writing or songwriting, and then I finish the piece and my creativity comes … Continue reading

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Lazy Rivers of the Mind

Have you ever wanted to be… a person of calm someone who floats with, instead of fights against the current? Two summers ago, my best friend, Barbie, and I decided to do just that. During a visit with her in … Continue reading

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A seagull follows our boat, and we make a friend. Granted, he’s after our peanuts, but we don’t mind. He flaps his wings against the wind and cuts through currents until he looms before us. READ ENTIRE POST…

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“There is a rest for the people of God.” I’ve spent seasons of my life working feverishly towards goals…establishing ministries, building businesses, acquiring educational degrees. Yet this season is different. Why? Is it because I’m wiser? I hope so, but … Continue reading

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Finding the Right Fit

Perhaps it is in the “believing without knowing” that pleases God.  Have you ever tried on clothes that don’t fit quite right? I have. In fact, every time I shop, sleeves squish my skin and buttons pull apart. Finding the … Continue reading

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Repose Country Style

Repose: calm, quiet, stop…ceasing from life’s have to’s; taking the time to reflect; spending time with life-long friends. This is my personalized definition of repose. I need these times of removal from my typical life because they provide perspective. This … Continue reading

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