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Art is the soul made visible

Art is the soul made visible… the spirit tangible… the unseen possible! Lately I’ve been contemplating the transformative power of art. How amazing that something envisioned can come to life through an art form! READ THE ENTIRE POST… Advertisements

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The Ebb and Flow of Artistic Ambition

Every creative experiences the ebb and flow of artistic ambition. Whatever your creative expression is, you feel the phenomenon. One day you’ve got it—enthusiasm bubbles over and your art form flows. Then the unexpected happens. The desire, chutzpah, passion, or … Continue reading

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Today was the book launch of Windows Across Oceans, an eBook in which nine women from around the world share their remarkable stories of overcoming.  I created The Giver to express the mission of literacy, a glorious burden shared by those who long … Continue reading

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Forest Adventure: Mask Portrait in Process

Forest Adventure is my recent portrait painting in process. Lately, I’ve been on a roll with portrait painting, so I decided to use one of my photographs as the inspiration for this new painting. My daughter, Elya, painted this mask and is … Continue reading

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I created this mixed media to visualize what it means to be Chosen. In My Father’s Vineyard by Wayne Jacobsen inspired Chosen. I’m reading this wonderful book and savoring every word, like a glass of fine wine. Having grown up on a vineyard, Jacobsen’s knowledge … Continue reading

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Technology-assisted Art

My husband calls my technology-assisted art “cheater art.” When I showed him my latest oil painting in process, he chuckled and teased, “So is this the real thing or your cheater art?” His comments rolled right off my back like … Continue reading

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Oil Painting: An Experiment with Light

My current oil portrait project is progressing nicely. I began with a projector generated sketch, and then used Shiva Oil Painstiks.  Yesterday, I walked into my art room and noticed that the sunlight cast over the canvas created an interesting photo shoot … Continue reading

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