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Planning for the Future While Living in the Momment

What a wonderful balance life is of planning for the future while savoring the moment. I’m futuristic by nature, according to my Strengths Finder profile: “You are a dreamer who sees visions of what could be and who cherishes those visions.” The … Continue reading

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Pocket-sized Plans

In an Internet age in which we admire people and products that go viral, the creative eclectic can feel like bigger is better. This quest for grand can tie your hands as you think the only worthy pursuit is a … Continue reading

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Refocusing your Dreams

Every morning, I find the need to return to a quiet place. During this undisturbed repose, I write my thoughts until the mental dross floats to the top. Then I skim it off by replacing worthless distractions with positive steps. With … Continue reading

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