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Immeasurable Love

Have you ever loved someone so much that your heart hurts when you part? You know they need to be free and immeasurable love asks you to release them so your own pain does not hamper their joy. I took … Continue reading

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Mothers and Sons

I’m convinced that sons require multiple labors: as infants, as boys, and as young men. When a son comes forth, he tears off a piece of your heart in his tiny clenched fist. Then you spend a lifetime trying to … Continue reading

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#53 Top Ten Unforgettable Comments

In search of my blogging identity quest post #53 is my “Top Ten most Unforgettable Comments” spoken to me over the years. They have all formed a part of who I am today. Some still make me cringe while others chuckle. I cannot believe some of the things … Continue reading

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