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Time for Change

Is change a decision we can control or an invitation to ride the wild, untamed? Or both? I’ve been trying to wrap my head around change—what part is God-initiated and what part is human choice. There’s something deep inside that … Continue reading

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Productive New Year’s Resolutions

Productive New Year’s resolutions set achievable goals and serve as a plumb line to align our purposes. READ THE ENTIRE POST…  

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New Year’s Resolutions

Rose Parade, New Year’s Resolution, 2013 here I go! I love this time of year! The hustle and bustle of Christmas has passed and a fresh start stretches out before me. I sit cuddled up on the coach watching the … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions Round II

Something about the New Year makes me want to change-up my life. Anything feels possible when the confetti starts to fly. So I’ve decided to post a second set of resolutions (in addition to my writing resolutions) to net those ideas … Continue reading

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My New Year’s Writing Resolutions

I’ve decided to add a new section to this website entitled: “For Writers and Other Word Lovers.” My intent is to organize platform components, share helpful resources, and provide a peek into why writing has consumed me so. This first … Continue reading

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Realization #3 for 2010: Equity Rescuing is Counter Productive

I realized in 2010 that I have a problem with equity rescuing. Those of us raised on parental mantras such as,  “Waste not… want not,” or “If you don’t eat your dinner, I’ll send it to the poor children in … Continue reading

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Realization #2 for 2010: God Didn’t Forget

When I had to leave my former career as an international missionary leader (interspersed with jaunts as a pastor’s wife), I thought that God had forgotten…about what He had inspired me to do, what I had loved, what I’d given … Continue reading

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