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I’ve Been Lost

One of the highlights of my recent visit with Barry and Kay Johnson in Sarasota, Florida was that Barry finished a song I’d written years ago titled, I’ve Been Lost. Here’s the song on YouTube: I wrote the first part … Continue reading

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Deborah Keily Hanson: Pianist, Composer, Teacher

Meet the multi-talented Deborah Keily Hanson: pianist, composer, teacher and so much more! I play her music while creating because her unique arrangements inspire my creative muse. I first met Deborah almost twenty years ago when I returned from living in Europe. … Continue reading

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Flocabulary: Creative Education

I’m excited to start this new section to my creativity website that will feature creative, innovative educational companies and ideas. Whether you’re a teacher, student, parent, administrator, family member, or friend, you can have a positive influence on a child … Continue reading

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Pardon me if I’m family indulgent in this week’s posts. The last few days have been incredible and I want to share them. I picked up my daughter at LAX last friday. What a rush to see her smiling face after … Continue reading

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The Invitation

I believe that at unexpected times, an invitation for something very special comes our way. However, we can fail to see the unveiling if we are not careful. This is especially true for us busy teachers rushing around our classrooms.      Recently, I received an invitation from … Continue reading

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Day 32 “Are there any yellow lovers out there?”

     Have you ever noticed how fear can wrap itself around your vision of the future like vines growing up and over these windows? Often my most promising possibilities become entangled and overrun by my fears.           Yellow reminds me … Continue reading

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Day 25 “Homespun Creativity”

Ok, I’ve hit the wall! Daily posting proves rigorous for this full-time teacher and at times I will miss the mark. The posts will still be numbering although they will not coincide with the day’s date. I am also working on categorizing them better … Continue reading

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