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Let it go!

The message came in a dream, when I fell asleep on a plane, while praying for someone who was struggling with a relationship, “Let it go!” READ THE ENTIRE POST… Advertisements

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Immeasurable Love

Have you ever loved someone so much that your heart hurts when you part? You know they need to be free and immeasurable love asks you to release them so your own pain does not hamper their joy. I took … Continue reading

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Surrender: Bird of Paradise

Yesterday, I awoke with the desire to create. What a magical moment it was when the muse returned. You see, lately I’ve struggled with finding a place for my personality. I’m certain a contributing factor was the abrupt ending of … Continue reading

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Mixed Media, Grace, and the Red-breasted Robin

I think grace is a lot like art—spontaneous, free flowing, alive for the capture. Continue reading

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Painting Silver Linings (for all you procrastinators out there)

The setting sun peeks through billowing clouds and illuminates their silver linings. I remember my sister’s words, “Did you know clouds actually have silver linings? If you study them closely, you can see that this is their actual color.” Gina’s … Continue reading

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Oh to be Queen

“She believed she was creative life worthy.” “Oh to be Queen” is a mixed media collage that reflects my desire and determination to pursue a creative life. Unfortunately, the real world does not readily lend itself to this pursuit. As … Continue reading

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