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Beautiful Forever

Beautiful Forever is a mixed media portrait that expresses the beauty of a woman who longs for and lives in faith, hope, and love. READ THE ENTIRE POST… Advertisements

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Give the Gift of Mixed Media

If you’re looking for a creative gift, try making a mixed media collage using photos of your loved ones. I created this first mixed media, “Forever,” using a background of acrylic paints, lace, vintage-style tissue paper, and Golden Gel Medium. … Continue reading

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Deep Cauldron of Emotions: Lighting the Way through Personal Expression

When we dare to connect with and share our feelings, we light the way for others to do the same. This is the gift of writing and the glory of words. Have you ever read someone’s insights and felt the … Continue reading

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Immeasurable Love

Have you ever loved someone so much that your heart hurts when you part? You know they need to be free and immeasurable love asks you to release them so your own pain does not hamper their joy. I took … Continue reading

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My Funny Valentine

It is rare in one’s lifetime to meet someone with whom your soul feels safe; someone who enlarges your heart and diminishes your fears and makes you laugh until your sides ache. We are two imperfect people, my Valentine and … Continue reading

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Three things will last forever…

Yesterday, I attended a memorial for my uncle Theo. Theo’s life inspired so many of his family and friends, and so one by one people shared delightful stories about this amazing man. Then in the middle of the message, the … Continue reading

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Follow, Create, Love Completely

God’s Spirit cannot be controlled nor marketed, like so much of life is these days. Like a wild, snapping wind, this unseen power defies human will, sliding through grasping fingers and roaming freely. The best we, who profess to believe, … Continue reading

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