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Mother’s Day Gratitude

I am a daughter most blessed, to have such a wonderful mother by birth… and a mother via marriage…READ THE ENTIRE POST… Advertisements

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Gratitude for my Son, Josiah

This morning gratitude nests in my soul as I remember my son’s entrance into the world 29 years ago. I ponder what possibilities await his life, this magnificent young man who lights up the world with his smile. I also … Continue reading

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Return to What you Love

A hurried lifestyle often hurls me off the path of creativity. During these times of hustle and bustle, dew-kissed roses in my garden bloom alone; I forget to take my usual strolls to admire their beauty and breathe in their … Continue reading

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Remember to whisper thank you…

My soul swells with promises of good things come true: A new job I love A daughter returned home A house renovation underway A family filled with helping and togetherness Angst turned the corner towards trust, as I watched my … Continue reading

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Rose and Daisies: A Tribute to Mom

This poem is a tribute to our precious mother/grandmother, Dee. Thanks, Mom, for all you are, for all you do, and for all the ways you love us. You are truly our joy and delight. I also offer this poem … Continue reading

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Sweet Summertime

Life speeds by at an alarming rate. Good times dissipate into memories like water splashed on hot asphalt. Yet before they do, a magic exists that feels like the touch of eternity. The setting sun sinks behind craggy mountains, the … Continue reading

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