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Create a Top Ten Vision Board

Have you ever felt stuck, without vision or direction for your life? I sure have! Then when I finally started to head in a direction, too many ideas paralyzed me from moving forward in my purposes. Several months ago, a … Continue reading

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Expectations: Motivator or Taskmaster

How do you gauge success? Do you base success on whether you achieved what you thought you could do or by the skills you learned while in pursuit of your goal? If  you chose the first, then you probably go … Continue reading

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The Pressure to be Perfect

The pressure to be perfect shoots my efforts in the foot every time. When I set my expectations far too high, then the gap between my desires and my abilities befuddles and frustrates me. READ MORE…

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Baby Steps

Growth steps do not have to be big in order to count. In fact, my most prized achievements resulted from taking those “baby steps.” I borrowed the concept from the hilarious movie “What about Bob,” starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. This movie is a must … Continue reading

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