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Freedom Walkers: Living with Both Feet on the Ground

There are those gifted with wings, mighty successes that soar on currents of notoriety, and then there are freedom walkers, people who live with both feet on the ground, those who stumble through the ordinary. We freedom walkers cheer for … Continue reading

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Re-centering Your Creative Self

Like constructing a dam in a swift-flowing river, time for reflection pools the soul’s waters so we can see our reflection. When outward flow to others stops, we seek mental, emotional, and spiritual rejuvenation. We artistic types must work at taking … Continue reading

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We choose our own subjugation.

Why are you not giving yourself permission to live? What is it in you that refuses to pursue your potential? What do you dream of doing that if only________were not in your way, you could? Recently, I pondered these questions while … Continue reading

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Resisting Perfectionism: The Harsh Taskmaster of our Souls

“Progress not perfection”                                                     -AA Slogan Perfectionism is a harsh taskmaster of our souls.  Perfectionism replays those child-like messages filled with shame, “If you don’t do what he/she says, you’re a failure. You’ll never write good enough, blog good … Continue reading

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39 “Freedom”

Freedom has a price! At different turning points in my life, I have wrestled with values until I could identify what was most important to me. The conclusion always seemed the same, I wanted freedom. I wanted the freedom to believe … Continue reading

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