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Art is the soul made visible

Art is the soul made visible… the spirit tangible… the unseen possible! Lately I’ve been contemplating the transformative power of art. How amazing that something envisioned can come to life through an art form! READ THE ENTIRE POST… Advertisements

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Dare to Dream Beyond your Fears and Limitations

Dream is an artistic expression of my creative aspirations. What if we dared to dream of possibilities beyond our present skills or the obstacles life throws our way? Dream is a mixed media piece I created to express my desire to … Continue reading

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Let it go!

The message came in a dream, when I fell asleep on a plane, while praying for someone who was struggling with a relationship, “Let it go!” READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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Save the World One Painting at a Time

This post features my daughter’s idea for merging her passion for painting with her desire to change the world: What is your passion? What is your dream? When I was a little girl, I wanted to save the world. I … Continue reading

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Make Dreams Come True in 2012

Often what I enjoy the most wrestles out from under a price tag: the giggle of my grown up girl or the scent of a rose freshly snipped from the stem. Such is the same for my artistic interests—whether designing … Continue reading

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“What do you want to do?”

“JoDee, what do you want to do?” The longer I’m a believer, the more I dare to let this question present and then suspend unanswered. READ MORE…

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