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Depression and the Artistic Temperament

If you’re an artistic soul, then you’ve battled depression, this enemy of soul. You’ve got this light, bright side most people see and admire, and then there’s the dark place only those closest to you know you crawl into at … Continue reading

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When Change Causes the Blues

Have you ever noticed that change can cause dips into depression? I sure have! In fact, even the anticipation of change can stir up sadness over leaving the old to pursue the new. And even though you are thoroughly convinced … Continue reading

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When a Writer Grows Restless

I’ve noticed an interesting dynamic that occurs in my writing life. When a message begins to form, it often masks as a mild depression, a sense that all is not well in my soul. Sometimes the struggle to figure out … Continue reading

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live towards the light

live towards the light is a mixed media piece that addresses the artistic soul’s dark side. Those times when cloaks of confusion, anxiety, and despair fall over your heart, mind, and soul. Depression runs in my artistic family, and I know … Continue reading

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Full Wings for Full Flight

I wonder whether bouts of depression occur when an artist’s soul goes into creativity’s womb to conceive an artistic expression. Dark, damp places of soul wrap around huddled form, smothering mind with doubts, obstructing hope from filtering through a mood … Continue reading

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The Dance of Depression

I’ve heard it said that depression is anger turned inwards, but I wonder whether depression often blankets my soul when change is in the air. Perhaps I’m out of sync with my Savior and the darkness of mind is an … Continue reading

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A Mermaid in the Making

“My dove is hiding behind some rocks, behind an outcrop of the cliff. Call to me and let me hear your lovely voice and see your handsome face.” Song of Solomon 2:14 I wonder whether there are times, spiritually speaking, when … Continue reading

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