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Immeasurable Love

Have you ever loved someone so much that your heart hurts when you part? You know they need to be free and immeasurable love asks you to release them so your own pain does not hamper their joy. I took … Continue reading

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The Importance of Creative Spaces

Creative spaces invite artistic flow over and around the obstacles of life. Without table tops, nooks, and arts and craft rooms where we, creative eclectics, can put together what delights our eyes, our streams of artistry run dry. This awareness … Continue reading

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Put on your Dancing Boots

A couple of months ago, I returned to country western dancing—line dance and two-step. Now I remember why I love it so. Dancing has always been a part of my husband and my creative eclectic repertoire. I’ve danced since I was … Continue reading

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Purging the Pests from our Creative Lives

My husband and I have finally won our war with the squirrels. Over three weeks and $300 later, the poisonous pellets and squirrel trap have worked (Justin actually trapped over 40). I returned from my writing retreat to see roses blooming, strawberries … Continue reading

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