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Art Takes Courage

Art Takes Courage Courage to create without restraint. Courage to try something new you never dreamed you could do. Courage to push away from a project until more inspiration graces. Courage to return to a project and produce imperfection. Courage … Continue reading

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In Need of Grace to Paint and to Give

Why do I torture myself so? I ask myself this every time I start a new portrait. The beginning seems so easy: ideas grace the mind…an outline drawn…the hollow of a mystical person appears. But then it doesn’t take long for … Continue reading

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Warrior Princess, New Mask Painting in Process

I’ve been working on a new acrylic painting, Warrior Princess, inspired by a mask my daughter, Elya, made and a poem and post I wrote. Far from finished, this painting has truly been a delight, as I explored contrasts of black and … Continue reading

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Courage is Accumulative

I believe that courage is accumulative. The more we make decisions to overcome our fears and do what we know is right, the more our minds and spirits increase in strength and resolve. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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I’m braver in the morning.

I’m braver in the morning. What curls my toes come nightfall, wiggles them when the sun peeks over the horizon. Most new projects overwhelm me before my head hits the pillow; but in the morning, I dare to dream big. … Continue reading

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Face your Sunshine

“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson This quote I read today stunned me. Now just so you know, I’m a quote lover, a collector of quotes, and a fashioner of … Continue reading

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We choose our own subjugation.

Why are you not giving yourself permission to live? What is it in you that refuses to pursue your potential? What do you dream of doing that if only________were not in your way, you could? Recently, I pondered these questions while … Continue reading

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