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Bon Voyage

Have you ever heard the ocean calling to you through a seashell? Maybe you’ve never held a shell to your ear, but you know your gifts and talents are intended to serve someone out in the sea of humanity. If … Continue reading

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Oh Holy Night

While bustling about, I look over at the wooden nativity my sister hand crafted… and I remember the greatest gift of all. He came to live among us so we might live forever, I ponder in the silence. “This is … Continue reading

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Beautiful Forever

Beautiful Forever is a mixed media portrait that expresses the beauty of a woman who longs for and lives in faith, hope, and love. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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Art is the soul made visible

Art is the soul made visible… the spirit tangible… the unseen possible! Lately I’ve been contemplating the transformative power of art. How amazing that something envisioned can come to life through an art form! READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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The Burden Bearer: A Tribute to Caregivers

The Burden Bearer is an acrylic on canvas, reflecting those who care for others through prayers, encouragement, and service. These are the people who not only make life hopeful but doable. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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The Ebb and Flow of Artistic Ambition

Every creative experiences the ebb and flow of artistic ambition. Whatever your creative expression is, you feel the phenomenon. One day you’ve got it—enthusiasm bubbles over and your art form flows. Then the unexpected happens. The desire, chutzpah, passion, or … Continue reading

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Awaiting Inspiration for 2015

I sit in my art room, waiting for inspiration… An idea A purpose worthy of my time A face to grace the empty canvas The New Year dawns, and I want to open wide to possibilities. Even though the wall … Continue reading

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