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When Change Causes the Blues

Have you ever noticed that change can cause dips into depression? I sure have! In fact, even the anticipation of change can stir up sadness over leaving the old to pursue the new. And even though you are thoroughly convinced … Continue reading

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Fresh Starts: Invitations to Change

My favorite part of a painting is the beginning. It’s fun to see a face form on canvas—kind of like meeting a person for the first time. My recent painting in process, The Invitation, captivates me with those mystical eyes that … Continue reading

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When Change is in the Air

Have you ever grown discontented and didn’t know why? You couldn’t quite put your finger on the reason your mood darkened or you suddenly felt constrained, uncomfortable, itchy for something. I sure have. Often this odd annoyance occurs well before … Continue reading

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Life Pauses

When life pauses, rather than fill in the silence, become someone you can be proud of. Sometimes life pauses—forces you to be alone, suspended in a season void of purpose. You go through a divorce, lose a job, encounter an … Continue reading

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Today I awaken with determination to prepare my classroom for the new school year. For some unknown reason, anticipation stirs my heart. Perhaps God has renewed my belief that I can make a difference in the lives of youth. Maybe … Continue reading

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Why I Need to Travel

Hmmm…..did I pack my allergy meds? Don’t forget your phone charger. Pack your computer cable. I’d better buy new earplugs. The old ones won’t keep out the noise so I can sleep on the plane. This is a splattering of … Continue reading

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Brushes with Destiny

The concept of destiny intrigues me. I imagine this dark stranger in a long black trench coat with black hat pulled down. He brushes against my shoulder as I bustle along life’s path, and my heart leaps with this indescribable … Continue reading

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