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The Art Forms of Purposeful Living

The ending of a year is a natural pause point to reflect upon the way one’s lived, loved, and created. This post is my pause point. Although I’ve written and blogged less in 2013 than in previous years, I’ve spent … Continue reading

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Writing for the Right Reasons

This morning while searching for a possible post, I came across a comment I’d written to a dear writing friend, Christine Grote, in response to her post, One thing’s clear — re-evaluating blogging. We both self-published around the same time and often shared … Continue reading

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Life Choices That Will Rock Your World

Recently, several people have rocked my inner world with their life-changing choices. This was definitely needed because lately I’ve been muddling my way through moments, responding from the gut, doing just enough to get by, and then resuming my coach-potato … Continue reading

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Edie Kynard: Frazzled, Fearless & Free

Art is a fruit that grows in man, like fruit on a plant, or a child in it’s mother’s womb. – Edie Kynard “Driving along with my Nikon on the seat beside me, I was content with a cup of … Continue reading

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Promises to Keep

“Besides, I have promises to keep.” This sentence from Christine M. Grote’s recent post, “Why do I Do This,” captivated me. I poured over her words and then sucked them into my soul as if nectar from heaven. Here is an … Continue reading

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Circles of Support: How to Keep your Creativity Flowing

Join a circle of support—a group of people who interact online by sharing innovative ideas, favorite art projects, creative living experiences, and life-management tips. Take the artistic plunge. Continue reading

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Creative Buzz

One of the reasons I decided to blog was to find other kindred spirits—like-minded people who loved what I loved. The concept of ongoing, online conversations about everything from writing and art to obstacles and overcoming intrigued me. Blogging added … Continue reading

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