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What Painting Teachers Me

Painting teaches me to have patience in the process…not to rush the becoming. Painting teaches me to silence my *soliloquy…and let the brush do the talking. Painting teaches me to embrace the unfinished…both in art and in life! When I … Continue reading

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Life Branding: Focused Fresh Starts

There’s something special about the new year with its fresh starts and blank canvases. For a moment, you hear life’s urging to brush your dreams across the space of possibility. When possibility presents, you only have a brief amount of … Continue reading

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Have you every felt like a lonely traveler on a sojourn through life—always searching yet never finding what will once and for all fill that empty ache in your heart? I sure have. Oh I’ve enjoyed moments, days, and even … Continue reading

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The Importance of Creative Spaces

Creative spaces invite artistic flow over and around the obstacles of life. Without table tops, nooks, and arts and craft rooms where we, creative eclectics, can put together what delights our eyes, our streams of artistry run dry. This awareness … Continue reading

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Full Wings for Full Flight

I wonder whether bouts of depression occur when an artist’s soul goes into creativity’s womb to conceive an artistic expression. Dark, damp places of soul wrap around huddled form, smothering mind with doubts, obstructing hope from filtering through a mood … Continue reading

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Refrain from the Identical Mini Book Tour

I will be speaking about my book this week at three SLO Women’s Connection lunch engagements at the following central coast locations: Tuesday, July 10th: San Luis Obispo group meets at 11: 30 am Embassy Suites 333 Madonna Rd. San Luis … Continue reading

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Creativity begins with healthy self-care. When we artistic types take care of our particular self-care needs, our creative capacity expands. Each person is unique and has particular self-care priorities. For example, an introvert needs alone time to refuel, whereas an … Continue reading

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