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Art is the soul made visible

Art is the soul made visible… the spirit tangible… the unseen possible! Lately I’ve been contemplating the transformative power of art. How amazing that something envisioned can come to life through an art form! READ THE ENTIRE POST… Advertisements

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Dare to Dream Beyond your Fears and Limitations

Dream is an artistic expression of my creative aspirations. What if we dared to dream of possibilities beyond our present skills or the obstacles life throws our way? Dream is a mixed media piece I created to express my desire to … Continue reading

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The Anomaly of Artistic Expression

Artistic desire inks the human spirit’s fingers, and we leave unique expressions whenever we touch canvas, clay, or camera. Yet unlike the patterns on the tips of our fingers that permanently identify us, an artist’s experience is ever-evolving. Whether darkness or … Continue reading

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Find your Voice

I gently prop my first mixed media art piece against the wall next to where I write. I smile. My first attempt at this art form pleases me, just as a child’s awkward ballet performance elicits a mother’s delight. The … Continue reading

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Day 7 “In Search of my Blogging Identity”-Self-Disclosure

Recently I posted a piece explaining why I love masks; they remind me of trying on new identities. Today, I explore a different perspective. Masks also speak to me of hiding my identity from others.   Dark, mysterious masks inexplicably draw … Continue reading

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Day 1 “Blogging Identity Quest” and “Happy New Year!”

My husband and I had a wonderful New Year’s celebration in Las Vegas. As the clocked ticked down marking the end of 2009, a video show streamed overhead with visual memories of the past year while fireworks lit up the sky. … Continue reading

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