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Depression and the Artistic Temperament

If you’re an artistic soul, then you’ve battled depression, this enemy of soul. You’ve got this light, bright side most people see and admire, and then there’s the dark place only those closest to you know you crawl into at … Continue reading

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Warrior Artist

Warrior Artist depicts the artist determined to create. Her mask is a dove, symbolizing divine inspiration. READ ENTIRE POST…

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Seasons of Silence

There are seasons of silence when the soul goes deep, crawling into a cocoon. We feel the urge to withdraw. We yearn to silence the noise, to figure out the important, to explore the possible. And while in our cocoon, new … Continue reading

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In Need of Grace to Paint and to Give

Why do I torture myself so? I ask myself this every time I start a new portrait. The beginning seems so easy: ideas grace the mind…an outline drawn…the hollow of a mystical person appears. But then it doesn’t take long for … Continue reading

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Pencil-Thin Purposes: When Dreams Disappoint

I peek through a windowpane on this frosty February morning in anticipation of a velvety blanket covering the road to work. Yet last night’s weather broadcaster’s boastings of severe snow conditions fell far short of my expectations; in fact, not … Continue reading

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The Birth of a Painting

My daughter’s artistic talent never ceases to amaze me. Elya presents the progression of her acrylic painting with the words of E. E. Cummings as an accompaniment. Here’s a couple of photos, but you really must see the entire process to … Continue reading

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Andy Luna’s Blog

The creative fun never ends. Andy and I spent the last two days creating her new blog. Check it out by selecting the photo link: 

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