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The Great Affair

The Great Affair honors this wonderful journey we call life. READ ENTIRE POST… Advertisements

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Believe in Your Becoming

Perhaps the greatest challenge we artistic types face is to believe in our becoming. Sure, there are messy workspaces to organize, jam-packed lives to thin, and challenging skills to learn. All of which distract us and offer excuses to stop … Continue reading

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Warrior Artist

Warrior Artist depicts the artist determined to create. Her mask is a dove, symbolizing divine inspiration. READ ENTIRE POST…

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How to Make a Masquerade Mask Part 1

If you want to a fun project, try making your own masquerade mask. Masks possess an appeal for many people. Perhaps their mysterious nature invites us to hide parts of who we are while we develop talents we want to … Continue reading

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The FAA Portrait Gallery on Fine Art America recently featured The Hopeful and The Messenger. What an honor to be included in a gallery that showcases portrait painters whose talent I could only ever dream of having. A special thanks … Continue reading

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The Hopeful

The hopeful is an acrylic painting that honors those living with uncertainty. I hope she is a worthy tribute to these hearty souls that gaze into the future in search of a brighter tomorrow. READ THE ENTIRE POST…  

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The Burden Bearer: A Tribute to Caregivers

The Burden Bearer is an acrylic on canvas, reflecting those who care for others through prayers, encouragement, and service. These are the people who not only make life hopeful but doable. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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