Warrior Princess Featured at Create With Joy

What an honor to have Warrior Artist featured at Create With Joy’s Inspire me Monday!

Warrior Arttist Featured on Create With Joy


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Warrior Artist

Warrior Artist depicts the artist determined to create.

Warrior Artist 72 Res Feature Image

Her mask is a dove, symbolizing divine inspiration. READ ENTIRE POST…

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How to Create a Heart-Themed Mixed Media

This post will show you how to create a mixed media with a heart theme.

Abide Mixed Media by JoDee Luna

This is a fun project you can do with a few simple materials. READ ENTIRE POST…

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When Change Causes the Blues

Have you ever noticed that change can cause dips into depression?

Repaint your World

I sure have! In fact, even the anticipation of change can stir up sadness over leaving the old to pursue the new. And even though you are thoroughly convinced the new home or new job or new location is best, you might find yourself wrestling with the blues.


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What Painting Teachers Me

Painting teaches me to have patience in the process…not to rush the becoming.

Paintbrush and Rose by JoDee Luna

Painting teaches me to silence my *soliloquy…and let the brush do the talking.
Painting teaches me to embrace the unfinished…both in art and in life!

When I paint, I go into a zone where…


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How to Decorate a Masquerade mask with Mixed Media

This lesson will feature how to decorate a masquerade mask with mixed media.

Blossom Masquerade Mask

I demonstrated how to sculpt a mask out of clay in How to Make a Masquerade Mask Part I.

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • A clay mask, plaster cloth mask, or paper mache mask
  • Golden’s Regular Gel (Matte)
  • An assortment of scrapbook paper
  • Acrylic paints
  • Embellishments as desired, such as feathers


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Lessons from a Tree

Did I lose my way because I didn’t write anymore, or did I stop writing because I lost my way?

Tree of Life Elya Filler 960

Tree of Life by Elya Filler

I mull these thoughts over in my mind as I sit in my favorite spot at the Apple Farm Inn in San Luis Obispo. I’ve come to the Apple Farm Inn year-after-year for our grown-up girls get aways. And every year I slip out of the room of slumbering sisters (of all sorts). I pour a cup of coffee in the hotel lobby and tip toe upstairs to my favorite writing spot.Plaid ChairThe plaid chair and side table offer inspiration. Today an angel statuesque reminds me of the value that going on a retreat offers. The angel holds the folds of her gown to form a perch for birds to sit and sip. I envision this statue in my garden with water filling the form. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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