Underwater Enchantment

When life forces you to swim in the deep, discover God’s underwater enchantment!

I took the background photographs while visiting the Long Beach Aquarium with my daughter and granddaughter. The underwater scenes captivated us.

The inspiration to create a mermaid came when a diver who was cleaning the aquarium turned and waved at Madelyn, which intrigued her.

I thought: What if I created a mixed media with a mermaid looking through the glass?

And so, Underwater Enchantment was born.

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Depression and the Artistic Temperament

If you’re an artistic soul, then you’ve battled depression, this enemy of soul.

You’ve got this light, bright side most people see and admire, and then there’s the dark place only those closest to you know you crawl into at times.

Berit Grogard D.M.Sci., Ph.D.’s article, “Positives of Depression on Artistic Expression,” presents a scientific explanation for what Madeleine L’Engle describes:

“Artistic temperament sometimes seems a battleground, a dark angel of destruction and a bright angel of creativity wrestling.”

Recently, a colleague, Melissa, said to me, “You should be a writer because you’ve got so many ideas.”

“I am a writer,” I replied.

I could change her statement around to read, “You should be an artist because you’ve got so many emotions.”

Just as writing helps me to express the unending river of words that floods my mind, art helps me to release the bottled-up emotions that flood my soul.

Artistic expression releases the images, the feelings, the pent-up creativity that bubbles up in my imagination, longing for escape.

So, if you’ve struggled with depression, consider picking up a pen or paintbrush and write or paint your way out of your dark side. You’ll be amazed at what you will create when you wrestle with your dark muse and win!

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Pathways to the Sea

Pathways to the Sea is a mixed media portrait that visualizes treasured places and experiences where oceans meet beaches.

Refreshment and fun are found when one strolls along beaches, wriggling toes in sand as salty spray washes away worry. In fact, I find a special touch of God’s grace when I visit the beach.

I took the background photos for this mixed media when I visited various beaches with family and friends:

Carmel for a family wedding…

Santa Barbara for a girls’ getaway…

Salt Creek Beach, San Clemente with family and friends…

La Jolla, San Diego with family…

Although wild and untamed, the sea possesses the power to heal and refresh. This is why I long to wander down Pathways to the Sea.

*For more inspiration visit https://refrainfromtheidentical.com

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Seasons of the Soul Mixed Media

Seasons invites us to celebrate life’s changes with confidence, knowing there truly is …a time for every purpose under heaven. – Ecclesiastes 3:1

A woman’s face covers each quadrant of the mixed media background I created with my personal photography.

Each section resonates with images reflective of a particular season in nature and of the soul:




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Create a Top Ten Vision Board

Have you ever felt stuck, without vision or direction for your life?

I sure have! Then when I finally started to head in a direction, too many ideas paralyzed me from moving forward in my purposes.

Several months ago, a friend, Cheryl Smith, told me about creating a “Top Ten Vision Board.” Cheryl shared Terri Savelle Foy’s book, “Dream It. Pin It. Live It.,” with several of her online friends, and I immediately ordered. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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Voice is a mixed media portrait commissioned by Krista Thomsen to honor her mother, Bonnie Ribble Kennedy.

This piece features a creative soul’s passions. Bonnie’s philosophy empowers: “…my gifts are meant to be given–So they can come back to me–It’s a circle.”

When I shared with her how her belief helped me to get over my fear of selling my original paintings, she replied: “So, in a way, I’ve inspired you, as well! That’s what art is all about!!! How exciting when we get to see how it works!!” READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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Nursery Magic: When Being is Enough

A stillness blankets the nursery while I rock baby to sleep.

The sliding rocker glides back and forth as she nestles sweetly in my arms, her tiny hand fingering folds of flannel.

In this moment, we don’t have to be anyone or do anything except rock. In this moment, we are enough—baby and Grammy, soothsaying away our have to’s and must do’s.

While in the nursery, I stop fighting my failures…I cease striving to change. I only try to find words to describe the magic.


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