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My love of writing results in daily devotion to the craft

Returning to your Place of Peace

One of the greatest challenges for the artistic soul is to sequester time! Too many commitments crowd the margins of one’s life, spilling unrest into much-needed spaces. Before you know it, quiet mornings usually spent painting or writing now churn … Continue reading

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Come with me…

I scoop grandbaby in arms, eyes twinkling, grin pulled back, both hers and mine. And I hear the words of Peter Pan whispering, “Come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned.” But we are one, in … Continue reading

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The Power of Words

We promised it would never happen to us. That we’d lose our words, our voice, our passion to write. That we’d abandon our blogs and books that were well into their becoming…READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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Writing for the Right Reasons

This morning while searching for a possible post, I came across a comment I’d written to a dear writing friend, Christine Grote, in response to her post, One thing’s clear — re-evaluating blogging. We both self-published around the same time and often shared … Continue reading

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Indulge in the Selfish Side of Writing

I write, primarily, for myself: to vent feelings, to process changes, and to make meaning out of everything from monotony to madness. And somewhere along this writer’s journey (which began with a journal at the age of twenty), I envisioned … Continue reading

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Word Gardening…and her words blew over the wall…

We writers often fantasize about our words blowing over the wall of our word gardens we work so hard to cultivate. Beth Reekle’s amazing success with her novel, “The Kissing Booth,” is an incredible example of this, and a real … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Wave-like Nature of Writing

How interesting that when I am most stripped of thought and emptied of soul, eventually, the sighs rise inside, like ocean waves, and then roll though my pen. Something someone can relate to splashes onto paper; no guile, no posturing, … Continue reading

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