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The Steady

It’s the steady that gets things done! Not the rush nor the worry, not even the want. It’s the set your face like flint, put your shoulder into it, press forward slowly, but surely, kind of tenacity that tackles the … Continue reading

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Use your Imperfect Talents

Use what talents you possess. For the world would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang the best. –Henry Van Dyke Self-doubt is definitely one of the main culprits that keeps me from using my artistic … Continue reading

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Relinquish the Unrealistic

When life plucks feathers from your expectation’s wings, relinquishing the unrealistic helps you to land safely and walk in contentment. Here I sit on the fourth day of my Spring Break with a “To Do” list far longer than the … Continue reading

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Befuddling Directional Shifts

Have you ever been befuddled by a directional shift? One moment you’re whistling a happy tune, rambling along your usual way, when POW! Circumstances send you off on an unexpected diversion, or something new calls to you and you just … Continue reading

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Bone Dry

Have circumstances ever challenged your trust? You find yourself in a battle to believe, as worry wipes away all evidence of grace. I have! READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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Expectations: Motivator or Taskmaster

How do you gauge success? Do you base success on whether you achieved what you thought you could do or by the skills you learned while in pursuit of your goal? If  you chose the first, then you probably go … Continue reading

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