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Moon Dancing

We creative sorts are destined to be moon dancers, people who envision the impossible and dance upon the unreachable, dreams as distant as the moon. We spent an inordinate amount of time fantasizing about what could happen in our artistic … Continue reading

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Deep Cauldron of Emotions: Lighting the Way through Personal Expression

When we dare to connect with and share our feelings, we light the way for others to do the same. This is the gift of writing and the glory of words. Have you ever read someone’s insights and felt the … Continue reading

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Befuddling Directional Shifts

Have you ever been befuddled by a directional shift? One moment you’re whistling a happy tune, rambling along your usual way, when POW! Circumstances send you off on an unexpected diversion, or something new calls to you and you just … Continue reading

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Bone Dry

Have circumstances ever challenged your trust? You find yourself in a battle to believe, as worry wipes away all evidence of grace. I have! READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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The God of my Own Design

I believe there are scriptural absolutes. I’m also quite certain that my perspective on those absolutes is skewed at times. Perhaps this is because I live in a politically correct world in which truth is strained through the sieve of human understanding … Continue reading

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I’ve Met the Wind

Often the greatest opponents of change reside with us: fear of uncertainty, lack of self-confidence, or difficulty rising above life’s obstacles. Yet regardless of our human frailties. I believe each one of us has a destiny filled with purposes. Like … Continue reading

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Lady of the Night

“Mom,” my daughter says as she nestles next to me, as if a chick under the mother hen’s wing. She couldn’t possibly get any closer. “I wrote a new poem. Read it.” Elya drove an hour on a Sunday afternoon … Continue reading

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