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Life Pruning: Tips for Blossoming

Do you ever feel like your life is so jam-packed with good things that you never get around to the best things? I sure do. In fact, I’m convinced there are times to reevaluate what is most important and then … Continue reading

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Life Branding: Focused Fresh Starts

There’s something special about the new year with its fresh starts and blank canvases. For a moment, you hear life’s urging to brush your dreams across the space of possibility. When possibility presents, you only have a brief amount of … Continue reading

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“Believe in your Becoming,” the Key to Creative Management

Perhaps the greatest challenge we creative eclectics face is to believe in our becoming. Sure there are messy workspaces to attend to, jam-packed lives that threaten to squelch our desires, and challenging skills to learn; however, the issue isn’t primarily … Continue reading

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A Life Cleanse

“I need a life cleanse.” My sister’s words caught my attention. Our discussion had begun with the topic of juice cleanses to eliminate body toxins, and then we’d moved on to removing obstacles to our creativity. Both of us had … Continue reading

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Try a “Do Everything You Dread Day”

Yesterday, I decided to have a “Do Everything You Dread Day.” Simply put, I tackled those undesirable (but necessary) tasks one at a time until I got them all done. These are those items on your “To Do List” that … Continue reading

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My Life Mantra by Elya Filler

My daughter shares her life mantra through photographs. You’re going to love this post! Forgive those who have hurt you. Let go. Ask for forgiveness from those you have hurt. Travel to destinations you’ve never planned to see. READ FURTHER…

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Life Pauses

When life pauses, rather than fill in the silence, become someone you can be proud of. Sometimes life pauses—forces you to be alone, suspended in a season void of purpose. You go through a divorce, lose a job, encounter an … Continue reading

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