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Our close knit, artistic family provides wonderful artistic opportunities

Searching for the Meaning of Life

My daughter’s post really got me thinking about what is truly important. I think you will enjoy her honest reflections: Last night, I watched the Tree of Life. It fascinates me how a movie can have the ability to see into … Continue reading

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Holiday Magic: Precious Moments with Family

Yesterday, I noticed the enjoyment that radiated from faces as loved ones gathered for Thanksgiving Day. Candlelight flickered from dancing eyes and my heart filled with contentment. I wanted to freeze these moments so I could possess the magic forever. … Continue reading

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Common Sense: An Essential Life Skill for Mothers

Last night, I dreamed that living my life was like driving a car. I needed to renew my license, but to pass the test I had to answer twelve questions correctly. A woman, a guide of sorts, ran my test … Continue reading

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Ground Hog Day

Saturday I hosted my version of Ground Hog Day. You know the movie, the day keeps repeating over again. Although mine was distinctly different, family members definitely had a deja vu experience. I hosted a family event that eerily resembled Christmas. … Continue reading

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Drawing Strength from Home

I remember the summer before I left for the mission field. My plans included a return home for several months so I could prepare to move across the world. I was going to attend a YWAM (Youth With a Mission) … Continue reading

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This is family. This is church.

In a lower-income neighborhood by the school where I teach is “The Neighborhood Impact House.” A local church* provides a cozy family environment with homework help, arts and crafts, music lessons, sports activities, a community garden, and a kid-friendly bible study. … Continue reading

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Moving Day Mourning

Tomorrow is moving day. I will drive our truck down to Santa Monica and help my son, Josiah, move the last of his possessions into storage.  He had to sell or give away his furniture because our home and shed are full. Yet, neither he … Continue reading

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