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Our close knit, artistic family provides wonderful artistic opportunities

Come with me…

I scoop grandbaby in arms, eyes twinkling, grin pulled back, both hers and mine. And I hear the words of Peter Pan whispering, “Come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned.” But we are one, in … Continue reading

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The Art of Breathing

Sometimes life is about breathing deeply, enjoying the people who make life worth living, like family at my Aunt Nancy’s 80th birthday celebration. And at other times, life is about gasping for air and holding your breath for as long … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Gratitude

I am a daughter most blessed, to have such a wonderful mother by birth… and a mother via marriage…READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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Give me the Gift of Time

Recently, my brother-in-law and I shared our birthdays during the set up for my stepson and his fiancé’s wedding. Jason and Laura bought us a luscious chocolate cake, and everyone gathered around to sing “Happy birthday to you.” My husband, children, … Continue reading

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Rose and Daisies: A Tribute to Mom

This poem is a tribute to our precious mother/grandmother, Dee. Thanks, Mom, for all you are, for all you do, and for all the ways you love us. You are truly our joy and delight. I also offer this poem … Continue reading

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Ode to My Brother

I’ve indirectly learned many of life’s important lessons through watching my older brother stumble upon them first. READ MORE…

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The Treasures of Family

Easter was a wonderful day spent with family and a couple of our close friends. We milled in and outside of my parents’ home, warmed by the sun that danced upon the green Leona Valley hills of my childhood home. … Continue reading

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