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Sometimes life’s circumstances whisk us away, up and into the air like leaves floating, always floating, directionless, lost, tumbling leaves of living carried by winds of change. READ THE ENTIRE POST… Advertisements

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Brushes with Destiny

The concept of destiny intrigues me. I imagine this dark stranger in a long black trench coat with black hat pulled down. He brushes against my shoulder as I bustle along life’s path, and my heart leaps with this indescribable … Continue reading

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Puddle Jumping

I wish I could go through life jumping from one puddle of destiny to the next.     Unfortunately, real living often includes large sections of hot, black asphalt.      This morning a puddle of destiny came to me; I merely had … Continue reading

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The Ironic Side of Destiny

I cannot stop thinking about the strange and mysterious nature of destiny.  I often envision something years before its fulfillment. Then I push and strive to make it materialize. Unfortunately, my grasping seems to only go so far before it ends up in … Continue reading

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