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Returning to your Place of Peace

One of the greatest challenges for the artistic soul is to sequester time! Too many commitments crowd the margins of one’s life, spilling unrest into much-needed spaces. Before you know it, quiet mornings usually spent painting or writing now churn … Continue reading

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Art Takes Courage

Art Takes Courage Courage to create without restraint. Courage to try something new you never dreamed you could do. Courage to push away from a project until more inspiration graces. Courage to return to a project and produce imperfection. Courage … Continue reading

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What Painting Teachers Me

Painting teaches me to have patience in the process…not to rush the becoming. Painting teaches me to silence my *soliloquy…and let the brush do the talking. Painting teaches me to embrace the unfinished…both in art and in life! When I … Continue reading

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The Ebb and Flow of Artistic Ambition

Every creative experiences the ebb and flow of artistic ambition. Whatever your creative expression is, you feel the phenomenon. One day you’ve got it—enthusiasm bubbles over and your art form flows. Then the unexpected happens. The desire, chutzpah, passion, or … Continue reading

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The Anomaly of Artistic Expression

Artistic desire inks the human spirit’s fingers, and we leave unique expressions whenever we touch canvas, clay, or camera. Yet unlike the patterns on the tips of our fingers that permanently identify us, an artist’s experience is ever-evolving. Whether darkness or … Continue reading

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Color: Pushing Past Pencil

The following is an excerpt from a post I just featured on my creativity website. I share it as a tribute to all of us right-brainers out there living in a left-brained world. Color: Pushing Past Pencil Color entices and … Continue reading

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Day 7 “In Search of my Blogging Identity”-Self-Disclosure

Recently I posted a piece explaining why I love masks; they remind me of trying on new identities. Today, I explore a different perspective. Masks also speak to me of hiding my identity from others.   Dark, mysterious masks inexplicably draw … Continue reading

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