Lady of the Night

“Mom,” my daughter says as she nestles next to me, as if a chick under the mother hen’s wing. She couldn’t possibly get any closer. “I wrote a new poem. Read it.”

Elya drove an hour on a Sunday afternoon to draw strength from being around family.

She hands me her phone and I read the poem.

“Do you get it?” She asks.

“An affair?” I answer.

“No. Read it again.” She insists.

I reread the poem and struggle to discern who this Lady of the Night is. A tormentor of soul to be sure, yet a “…teacher and friend.” My mind cannot pull together the meaning. “Hmm…” I mumble.

She finally can’t stand the gap between her intended message and my mental perplexity so she blurts…READ THE ENTIRE POST…


About JoDee Luna

“I’m lost in a love affair with portrait painting!” JoDee Luna confesses. This author, artist, and educator describes herself as a creative eclectic due to her diverse history, multiple talents, and various career pursuits. She enjoys a host of creative expressions: mixed media, mask making, floral designing, photography, sculpture, and gardening. JoDee believes the creative process infuses her with the courage to try on new artistic identities, take inspired risks, and explore imaginative ideas. She seeks to share her insights with others through her book, Refrain from the Identical: Insight and Inspiration for Creative Eclectics and website by the same name, Both provide helpful tips and inspiration for artistic multi-taskers, those who enjoy various forms of artistic expression.
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