What do you love to do the most?

I watched my grown son and two-year-old great-nephew run around in circles with blanket and  dish towel capes tied around their necks. Little Stephen Michael squealed, “I’m flying, I’m Superman,” while Josiah pranced like an Arabian horse. I videoed the scene thinking, this is priceless. I’ve got to capture this candid moment before it passes!

This morning while I drove to work, I asked myself a question, “JoDee, what do you love to do the most?” Maybe the answer came quickly because the family evening was fresh in my thoughts: I love to teach students to read. I love to work with words, to create art, and to inspire people to do the same.

I reread this post from 7 years ago and decided to update with a current photo of my sis and I in front of our art booth at the Kaleidoscope Art Show we did together in the fall. Our creativity has come a long way since the first writing of this post.

This obvious insight followed: Then do those things for the pure enjoyment of doing them.

I like this question, the accompanying answer, and the insight. If I do nothing else as a writer, I want to get this part right. It’s so easy to let marketing strategies muddy the clear stream of intent. Every so often I need to ask myself this question because it acts as a filter to purify my choices.

I was invited to present at the Literacy Lifts Conference in December, 2017. Another wonderful opportunity that came my way because I’ve done what I love.

I want to hold onto the childlike play that makes creativity so delightful. The kind of impetuous fun I videoed as my great-nephew and grown son romped around the room. If I lose this along the self-publishing path, then I’ve lost the very inspiration I intended my book to bring.

So, I urge you to ask yourself this question, “What do you love to do the most?” Whatever your answer is, put a cape on and run towards it screaming “I can fly!”

Here is a link to my book:  Refrain from the Identical: Insight and Inspiration for Creative Eclectics.








About JoDee Luna

“I’m lost in a love affair with portrait painting!” JoDee Luna confesses. This author, artist, and educator describes herself as a creative eclectic due to her diverse history, multiple talents, and various career pursuits. She enjoys a host of creative expressions: mixed media, mask making, floral designing, photography, sculpture, and gardening. JoDee believes the creative process infuses her with the courage to try on new artistic identities, take inspired risks, and explore imaginative ideas. She seeks to share her insights with others through her book, Refrain from the Identical: Insight and Inspiration for Creative Eclectics and website by the same name, http://refrainfromtheidentical.com. Both provide helpful tips and inspiration for artistic multi-taskers, those who enjoy various forms of artistic expression.
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3 Responses to What do you love to do the most?

  1. flyinggma says:

    That is the million dollar question for me these days. I have so many interests and feel as I get older that time is running out to make an impact on my world. Where to focus, what to do…..
    Love the video, sweet!

    • JoDee Luna says:


      I have the same problem. I think the realization of time running out happens as we age. That’s why I ask myself this question regularly. It seems to help me focus on a few things I love the most.

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