I’m braver in the morning.

I’m braver in the morning. What curls my toes come nightfall, wiggles them when the sun peeks over the horizon. Most new projects overwhelm me before my head hits the pillow; but in the morning, I dare to dream big.

Perhaps I inherited (or learned) this tendency from my mother. Ask Mom for anything past 8:00 pm and she’ll most assuredly say, “Talk to me in the morning. I just can’t think about that tonight.”

So I guess you could say I’m a morning person like Mom.

One morning this week, I took a giant step and pushed right through a big puddle of fear; I uploaded my first manuscript file to createspace. Now there’s no going back. I’ll spend the rest of the summer working with the interior design team.

Was I terrified? Heck yes I was. Yet courage crept over the horizon with Mr. Sunshine just when I needed the extra boost. In fact, I kept telling myself, “JoDee, you’re doing it. Don’t stop now!”

Do I have a cover design? No. But I hired that service. Do I think the book will sell? I haven’t a clue. But I’ll share my excitement with anyone who cares to listen. Over five years of thoughts and a lifetime of personal growth fill those pages. Today I savor a sense of accomplishment. I made it this far along my publishing path and I’m gearing up for the next part of the journey.

I’m braver in the morning…without a doubt!

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About JoDee Luna

“I’m lost in a love affair with portrait painting!” JoDee Luna confesses. This author, artist, and educator describes herself as a creative eclectic due to her diverse history, multiple talents, and various career pursuits. She enjoys a host of creative expressions: mixed media, mask making, floral designing, photography, sculpture, and gardening. JoDee believes the creative process infuses her with the courage to try on new artistic identities, take inspired risks, and explore imaginative ideas. She seeks to share her insights with others through her book, Refrain from the Identical: Insight and Inspiration for Creative Eclectics and website by the same name, http://refrainfromtheidentical.com. Both provide helpful tips and inspiration for artistic multi-taskers, those who enjoy various forms of artistic expression.
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13 Responses to I’m braver in the morning.

  1. Renee says:

    How exciting! Good luck!

  2. Colleen Ford says:

    Awesome JoDee!! I am so excited for you!

  3. Diana Clarke says:

    Well it’s about time! Good for you.

  4. Good luck! This is certainly exciting. Enjoy the process!

  5. camille says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh. I can feel your satisfaction from here ! Congratulations on the accomplishment, that is what matters most. The universe will undoubtedly respond back with very interesting things.

  6. Thedesertrocks says:

    Congratulations Jodee, you’re braver than I am.
    Oh, and I don’t know what your message to me means from Twitter.
    I tired to send you a note, but it said if you’re not following me then I can’t send you a message.
    Good luck with your book and I wish I was a morning person. You are a sweetie and I’m very happy for your new adventure!

  7. JoDee Luna says:

    Thanks so much. Please ignore the Twitter message. My account got hacked, and I had to change my password. I’m going to follow you on Twitter now.

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