My One Year Blogging Anniversary

I awoke in my enchanting Carmel-by-the-Sea hotel room, looked out the window, and thought, “I think today is my one year blogging anniversary.” 



Excited to see whether this inkling was true, I quickly powered up my computer and looked in the archive for my first post. “UNBELIEVABLE,” rolled over my brain and out through my mouth. Today is my first year blogging anniversary. 


My first post, “Hello World,” featured  the following, “There are some things that money can’t buy.” In the post, I expressed what matters most to me, family. I also mentioned spending time with my Aunt Linda discussing the desire to pay off credit card debt. 

How ironic that I just sat with my Aunt Lina during the wedding reception. Together, with the other women in my family, we enjoyed a weekend full of talking, laughing, and sharing. 

Back Row: Cynthia, Aunt Marlene, Mom, Donna, Aunt Linda Front Row: Me, Mary Katherine, Kim


It also felt great to realize that I met my goal of paying off the credit card debt. YES! 

My first post also featured the family dinner in honor of my daughter, Elya, going away to Asia for fourteen months. Twelve months down and only two months to go! As I reflected on choices I have made over this past year, I smiled at my efforts of balancing ambitious pursuits with slowing down to appreciate family.   


Another interesting concept I explored in the post has to do with not resisting the changing seasons of life. The following is an excerpt: 

“Last night I was going through my pictures when I came across ones I labeled “Rose Snow Cones.” The clashing of seasons intrigued. My stubborn roses refused to stop blooming in spite of the changing season. 

How often I am just like those roses. I want to continue in some pursuit long after it is intended to end. Money cannot buy such beauty and important life lesson.” 


This next year of blogging will most assuredly see changes in posts and styles as I gear up to publishing my first book. Give-aways will most assuredly show up on my various websites and happy news announcing “The book is finally here.” However, two constants will always remain true in my heart and life: allowing for seasons of change to blossom into new purposes and returning to enjoy my precious family. 


About JoDee Luna

“I’m lost in a love affair with portrait painting!” JoDee Luna confesses. This author, artist, and educator describes herself as a creative eclectic due to her diverse history, multiple talents, and various career pursuits. She enjoys a host of creative expressions: mixed media, mask making, floral designing, photography, sculpture, and gardening. JoDee believes the creative process infuses her with the courage to try on new artistic identities, take inspired risks, and explore imaginative ideas. She seeks to share her insights with others through her book, Refrain from the Identical: Insight and Inspiration for Creative Eclectics and website by the same name, Both provide helpful tips and inspiration for artistic multi-taskers, those who enjoy various forms of artistic expression.
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8 Responses to My One Year Blogging Anniversary

  1. gerknoop says:

    I couldn’t wait….I read it tonight anyway!
    I love weddings! Especially Italian ones!
    such a beautiful place Carmel!

    Happy one year anniversary! B

    PS: YES, love the new header!

  2. slamdunk says:

    Happy one-year! I look forward to the 5-year celebration of your excellent writing and photography.

  3. izziedarling says:

    Yea, JoDee! Love the new layout, jealous wreck over your little trip, and happy anniversary, you great blogger you! And getting that book together – all good, my friend! 🙂

    • JoDee Luna says:

      Izzie, I’m so glad that you like the new layout. I can’t seem to get enough (and large enough) photography, and so I thought a “bigger photo” theme might make me happy for a tad longer. As far as Carmel, you simply must add that to your bucket list!

  4. Dee Cosola says:

    Thank you sweetheart. The weekend was wonderful! The pics are beautiful, so precious are our loved ones> Mom

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