Today was the book launch of Windows Across Oceans, an eBook in which nine women from around the world share their remarkable stories of overcoming. 

The Giver Graces Windows Across Oceans

I created The Giver to express the mission of literacy, a glorious burden shared by those who long to help people learn to read. Recently, Aliyah, the book’s editor, found my painting through a link on The High Calling and asked to use it for the cover of this book, along with my story. She explained that all proceeds would go to ministries that serve women globally, with a special focus on literacy for women in India. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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The Giver, an Acrylic Painting with a Purpose

The Giver is an acrylic portrait that expresses a glorious burden—the challenge of bringing literacy resources to struggling readers.

The Giver Purple 960_640

As an instructional coach, I have the privilege of working alongside many empathetic, hard-working people who share this mission. People who look into the eyes of students and see the pain that results from not being able to read. And although the task is daunting, roll up their sleeves to do what it takes to get them the resources they need.

Recently, I posted the painting in process on Facebook and asked people to weigh in on what they thought. I had struggled with the painting and wasn’t sure I liked the results

Then the unexpected happened: without knowing the back story, people left comments that captured her essence.

The first comment helped me to explain why I painted The Giver:

“I don’t know why she looks broken. Like she’s been hurt and you can see it in her eyes.” – Amy


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Promethean Featured on Create with Joy Website

What an honor to have Promethean feature on Create with Joy’s Inspire me Monday’s post. I’m always thrilled when one of my posts is featured because this website is full of ideas to inspire creativity. Check it out

Promethean Featured on Create with Joy Website

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In Need of Grace to Paint and to Give

Why do I torture myself so? I ask myself this every time I start a new portrait.

The beginning seems so easy: ideas grace the mind…an outline drawn…the hollow of a mystical person appears.

The Giver in Process 1

But then it doesn’t take long for excitement to give way to feelings of helplessness as I enter into that dark space between the envisioned creation and ineptness.

Yes, sometimes painting can be torturous—wrestling with uncertainty, wandering in aimlessness, facing the impossible.

And then just about the time I’m tempted to give up, the face forming on the canvas looks into my eyes and begs for release—to be created, to be born. She seems to have a message to give, and I feel a sense of compulsion to make it possible. But I can’t promise her a thing. I don’t know if I can rescue her let alone make her into something lovely that speaks to the heart.


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Promethean: Dare to Create

Promethean, a mixed media, envisions creativity’s fruitfulness masked in human form.

Promethean Mixed Media by JoDee Luna 960_640

Like the mixed media’s namesake, Prometheus, we receive fire or inspiration from heaven and make something beneficial for humanity when we dare to create. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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Awaiting Inspiration for 2015

I sit in my art room, waiting for inspiration…

An idea
A purpose worthy of my time
A face to grace the empty canvas

The New Year dawns, and I want to open wide to possibilities. Even though the wall before me reminds that God is able to inspire, the room feels like a barren womb. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

Art Room Wall with Paintings 960_640


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Creativity as an Act of Worship and Sharing

Maybe, like The Little Drummer Boy, each one of us has a song to play as an act of worship…

I have no gift to bring…

That’s fit to give our King…

Shall I play for you?…

Then He smiled at me…

Maybe the song is a form of creativity that not only makes God smile but others smile as well. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

Gina Christmas Snow People on Plate_960_640



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