Adult Pool

The Scene? Classic! Four millennials and one middle-aged woman lounging on rafts Audrey Hepburn-style. The sign at the opening of the adult pool reads, “Relaxation in Process.”

The men bounce babies nearby at the Family Pool as we savor conversations that bob up and down like the crystal waters under our rafts. These women form the essence of who I am: daughters, daughter-in-law, niece. I’ve watched two of them come into the world and the other two entered my heart years ago.

We hold onto each other’s rafts and pull in close so we can drink in the goodness of time spent together.

“You’re all in one-piece swimsuits, and I’m in a two piece. I shouldn’t be because I’m fat.” I whine.

“Stop it Mom!” My daughter scolds. “Don’t put down your body. You look fantastic!”

“I scold my mom for the same thing.” My daughter-in-law adds.

The message comes across as clear as the pool’s water: Accept your body, who you are, how God made you.

I take the correction yet roll over onto my tummy before the camera clicks a photo.

When we’re all together, there’s no pressure to perform or to look perfect or to act just right. Just the bubbling forth of life-giving words. And although conversations can’t be recalled, they somehow cement us as one.

Women need this! I ponder, while swaying with the rhythm of the rafts. Women need time away from bouncing babies and cleaning houses and rushing to buckle car seats for drives to childcare. Women need to get away from work and worry and, as my best friend, Barbie puts it, “Get off the crazy train!”

I need this! A retreat to think and to write and to enjoy those I love more than any goals I work towards.

Yes, my daughter is right! “Sometimes you’ve got to lay on a raft in an adult pool!”






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A Central Coast Excursion Inspires a New Mixed Media Portrait

My husband and I celebrated a belated Valentine’s date with an excursion to the Central Coast of California.

Just hubby and I and our two cameras, careening around corners to capture creativity.

And we weren’t disappointed one bit! This much-needed getaway provided amply eye candy for our photography and painting passions. READ THE ENTIRE POST…


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Sunrise and Sunset Mixed Media Portraits

Life fills with new beginnings and contemplative endings!

Sunrise and Sunset visualize those seasons of life when we explore and when we settle.


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The Steady

It’s the steady that gets things done!

Not the rush nor the worry, not even the want.

It’s the set your face like flint, put your shoulder into it, press forward slowly, but surely, kind of tenacity that tackles the towering tasks. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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Moments of Clarity

Some of the greatest blessings one can receive in a lifetime are moments of clarity.

Those serendipitous seconds when heaven shines a beam of light in the form of illuminated understanding—a perspective that cuts through the quagmire of confusion, ambition, and ego.

All of a sudden, truth slices through the script we’ve been reciting, perseverating, that which takes us around and around in circles of the soul. The moment of clarity comes and the script rips and falls to the floor. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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Oh Holy Night

While bustling about, I look over at the wooden nativity my sister hand crafted…

and I remember the greatest gift of all.

He came to live among us so we might live forever, I ponder in the silence.

“This is what it’s all about,” I sigh, as the meaning of Christmas washes me clean.

Sure, I love to adorn my home, shop for just the right gifts for those I love, and feast with family and friends. These are all precious treasures I’m grateful for during the holiday season, but all pale in comparison to that one holy night!

In the stillness, thankfulness wells up within when I remember how his death tore the veil in the temple so we could enter the presence of the Most Holy God. When I remember how His resurrection gives this life purpose and the next promise…all because of that one holy night.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!

*A special thanks to Ashley Southworth for the silhouette nativity!

*The Image of Christ, by Morgan Weistling


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Carving a New Identity

Life is full of transitions!

From child to young adult. From mother to empty nester. From full-time employee to retiree. With each new passage, some of what we used to do and who we used to be becomes obsolete.

Transitions often require us to carve out a new identity, which can cause consternation and confusion. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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