How to Make a Masquerade Mask Part 1

If you want to a fun project, try making your own masquerade mask.

Warrior Princess Masquerade Mask

Masks possess an appeal for many people. Perhaps their mysterious nature invites us to hide parts of who we are while we develop talents we want to have. READ ENTIRE POST…

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Seasons of Silence

There are seasons of silence when the soul goes deep, crawling into a cocoon.

chrysalis Cropped 960 JoDee Luna

We feel the urge to withdraw. We yearn to silence the noise, to figure out the important, to explore the possible. And while in our cocoon, new beginnings crack open and sprout roots—fledgling desires that burrow into the unknown. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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Life Pruning: Tips for Blossoming

Do you ever feel like your life is so jam-packed with good things that you never get around to the best things?

Etherial Rose by JoDee Luna

I sure do. In fact, I’m convinced there are times to reevaluate what is most important and then prune away non-essential activities so our God-given talents can blossom.



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Life Branding: Focused Fresh Starts

There’s something special about the new year with its fresh starts and blank canvases. For a moment, you hear life’s urging to brush your dreams across the space of possibility.

Blossom Masquerade Mask by JoDee Luna

When possibility presents, you only have a brief amount of time to break from inertia and get into motion. Soon, everyday living will squeeze out motivation. Most New Year’s resolutions only last for a month! READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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The FAA Portrait Gallery on Fine Art America recently featured The Hopeful and The Messenger.
FAA Portrait Gallery on Fine Art America_960

What an honor to be included in a gallery that showcases portrait painters whose talent I could only ever dream of having. A special thanks to the group administrator, Digital Designs.

You can visit my Fine Art America Shop to see the rest of the collection.

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The Messenger, an Acrylic Painting by JoDee Luna

The Messenger depicts Jesus, the Messiah who brings hope, mercy, and grace to humankind.

The Messenger Acrylic by JoDee Luna_960

The Messenger’s eyes are the focal point of the painting, searching the heart of the viewer for entrance.


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The Hopeful

The hopeful is an acrylic painting that honors those living with uncertainty. I hope she is a worthy tribute to these hearty souls that gaze into the future in search of a brighter tomorrow. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

The Hopeful Up Close 960


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