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Unconditional Surrender

  “I put no conditions on my surrender.” I mumbled those words after wrestling with something I feared God wanted me to do, but I dreaded. “Lord, you’re really not asking me to do that are you? You know that’s the one thing I’m … Continue reading

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A Glorious Burden

And He placed a mantle upon her shoulders, the weight of which she doubted endurable…a glorious burden she was entrusted to share. Often the life of faith flows freely, for those of us determined to follow God’s Spirit. Like a … Continue reading

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The Infilling

I am captivated by the concept that heavenly treasure can reside in earthen vessels, imperfect people filled with the Spirit of God: READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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Lazy Rivers of the Mind

Have you ever wanted to be… a person of calm someone who floats with, instead of fights against the current? Two summers ago, my best friend, Barbie, and I decided to do just that. During a visit with her in … Continue reading

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The Extraction

When shards of life slice through our souls and lodge in our hearts, character flaws form and fester around these painful experiences: We find ourselves overcompensating with ambition for injuries to self-esteem suffered in childhood. We grow suspicious and cynical … Continue reading

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