Have you every felt like a lonely traveler on a sojourn through life—always searching yet never finding what will once and for all fill that empty ache in your heart?

The Traveler Acrylic by JoDee Luna

I sure have. Oh I’ve enjoyed moments, days, and even seasons of settled; those wonderful times when God’s grace seems so real you can wrap your soul around content.

But then the prickly heart starts and you find yourself once again immersed in an impulse to escape…to travel to unknown places on the earth and of the heart in search of an illusive home. READ THE ENIRE POST…

Elya gazing at ocean


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Unconditional Surrender


“I put no conditions on my surrender.”

I mumbled those words after wrestling with something I feared God wanted me to do, but I dreaded.

“Lord, you’re really not asking me to do that are you?

You know that’s the one thing I’m most terrified of doing!


Flag of Surrender

I’ve watched enough movies to know that in times of war, the defeated general often has the option of negotiating conditions of surrender before capture.

So I figured, why can’t it work that way with God? Why can’t we humans negotiate a truce? Why does God have to have complete surrender? READ ENTIRE POST…

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New Refrain from the Identical Creativity Website

I wanted to let followers of this blog know that I had to shut down my former creativity website, Refrain from the Identical, due to hosting problems. I’ve launched the new website and will begin linking this blog to my new creativity website. The first post titled, Blossom, features my recent acrylic painting.

Blossom with Multi-colored Scarf Acrylic by JoDee Luna 926

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The Seer

“And a great hand reached out of the dark and grasped mine for a moment, mightily and tenderly.

The Seer, Acrylic Painting by JoDee Luna

I said to myself, ‘The Veil between, though very dark, is very thin.’” -George MacDonald, Phantastes

What stunning imagery MacDonald uses to describe God’s tenderness towards us.

So often I see the veil as thick, impermeable, shrouding my sense of nearness to God.


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Returning to Writing

I’m trying to find my way back to the reflective writer I once was.

Writing for Reflection,  JoDee Luna

Funny thing is, she seems like another lifetime ago. I search for her in memories and imagine a woman who rose every morning to write. Yes, I sigh, she vaguely resembles someone I used to know but now aspire to become, once again.

Her tenacity tantalizes me. Her persistence pushes me. Her devotion delivers me.

So if the writer I once was had such an impact on me, then why did I leave her behind until her memory blurs like a woman in the mist? READ THE REST OF THE POST…


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The Fighter: An Acrylic Painting Morphs

I wonder whether any other painters have had a project morph into something they did not intend.

The Fighter, Acrylic Painting by JoDee Luna

I fully intended to paint Mary Magdalene and call her Forgiven, but as I got into this painting, her face determined to become determined. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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The Whisper

This acrylic painting is dedicated to women throughout the ages that have dared to listen for the whisper.

The Whisper

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