The Parting: Letting Go of Your Paintings

Personal paintings become a part of the artist’s journey, and, like good friends, can be difficult to say good-bye to as you travel along your creative path.

A Camping List Watercolor with Poem

This watercolor my sister and I created reminds us of those family camping trips we used to take with our kids. Whenever I look at this painting, I’m reminded to savor every moment I have with my children and grand-daughter because the years pass so quickly. READ THE ENTIRE POST…


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Tears in a Bottle Mixed Media

Tears in a Bottle is a mixed media project inspired by Psalm 56:8, You have collected all my tears in your bottle…recorded each one in your book.

Tears in a Bottle Mixed Media

This scripture comforts with the reminder that God never forgets our sorrows.

I used Golden Regular Gel (Matte) for the paper collaging. The eye is painted with acrylics.

The rose symbolizes the blossoming of a woman’s life, which is often watered with her tears. I ended up painting over the original rose. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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When a Writer Grows Restless

I’ve noticed an interesting dynamic that occurs in my writing life.


When a message begins to form, it often masks as a mild depression, a sense that all is not well in my soul. Sometimes the struggle to figure out the reason for my malaise lasts for days.

And what befuddles me the most is that the very cure for what ails is the very thing I avoid—more alone time to ponder, to process, to pen. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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A Wedding Celebration

My heart bursts with joy over the recent marriage of my son, Josiah, to his exquisite fiancé, Monique.

Monique and Josiah Gazing

A wedding is one of those monumental events that provide an opportunity to exit the rush of living so you can celebrate life. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

Bridesmaids Jump

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Some Fresh Inspiration

New Years are about new beginnings, so I set out to find fresh inspiration.

HappyNewYear By Carolyn Luna

Here are a few of my recent finds: READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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Productive New Year’s Resolutions

Productive New Year’s resolutions set achievable goals and serve as a plumb line to align our purposes. READ THE ENTIRE POST…



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The Art Forms of Purposeful Living

The ending of a year is a natural pause point to reflect upon the way one’s lived, loved, and created.

Wall of Inspiration

This post is my pause point.

Although I’ve written and blogged less in 2013 than in previous years, I’ve spent more time with my family and more time developing my art than in previous years. So as the year winds to an end, I’ve decided to blog about the art forms of purposeful living that have become very precious to me: READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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