The Seeker, an Acrylic Portrait

The Seeker is an acrylic portrait with penetrating eyes that search through your soul.

The Seeker, an Acrylic Portrait by JoDee Luna

A friend, Renee Elkins, expressed the mesmerizing effect she has on you: “Beautiful…I feel like she is looking into my heart and soul. She makes me want to always speak the truth to her…assuming she would speak to me of course!” READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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A Self-Imposed Silence

A Self Imposed Silence_960

The morning sun creeps up the wall of cloudy blue until it peeks through branches.

I sit in my art room in silence.

Eyes squint from the glare of new beginnings, a day fresh with possibilities.

I could fill these moments with music or ramblings of what I want, but the silence seems raw and pure and altogether lovely.

Too lovely to waste on worrying about what has not come my way.



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Fresh Starts: Invitations to Change

The Invitation Acrylic by JoDee Luna

My favorite part of a painting is the beginning. It’s fun to see a face form on canvas—kind of like meeting a person for the first time.

My recent painting in process, The Invitation, captivates me with those mystical eyes that peer into my soul as if extending an invitation. READ THE ENTIRE POST…


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Warrior Princess Mask Featured in Somerset Studio Magazine

Warrior Princess Painting Featured in Somerset Magazine_960

Today I went to Barnes and Nobles with my husband and noticed the current issue ofSomerset Studio magazine.  I had submitted a piece of artwork last spring for this September/October issue, figured I wasn’t chosen, and so opened it to see who was. There on the “Letters to the Editor” page, I saw a photo of my artwork. I gasped, thinking… What is my painting of Elya’s warrior princess mask doing in here? READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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Have you every felt like a lonely traveler on a sojourn through life—always searching yet never finding what will once and for all fill that empty ache in your heart?

The Traveler Acrylic by JoDee Luna

I sure have. Oh I’ve enjoyed moments, days, and even seasons of settled; those wonderful times when God’s grace seems so real you can wrap your soul around content.

But then the prickly heart starts and you find yourself once again immersed in an impulse to escape…to travel to unknown places on the earth and of the heart in search of an illusive home. READ THE ENIRE POST…

Elya gazing at ocean


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Unconditional Surrender


“I put no conditions on my surrender.”

I mumbled those words after wrestling with something I feared God wanted me to do, but I dreaded.

“Lord, you’re really not asking me to do that are you?

You know that’s the one thing I’m most terrified of doing!


Flag of Surrender

I’ve watched enough movies to know that in times of war, the defeated general often has the option of negotiating conditions of surrender before capture.

So I figured, why can’t it work that way with God? Why can’t we humans negotiate a truce? Why does God have to have complete surrender? READ ENTIRE POST…

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New Refrain from the Identical Creativity Website

I wanted to let followers of this blog know that I had to shut down my former creativity website, Refrain from the Identical, due to hosting problems. I’ve launched the new website and will begin linking this blog to my new creativity website. The first post titled, Blossom, features my recent acrylic painting.

Blossom with Multi-colored Scarf Acrylic by JoDee Luna 926

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